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At Healing Children, LLC, we are both educators and mental health professionals, giving us a unique perspective on working with children in and out of the school setting with severe emotional and behavioral concerns. Our mission is for all children to be emotionally healthy, happy, mature, and responsible. Children are more likely to grow and prosper as adults establish healthy relationships and appropriate boundaries. When adults understand the impact of trauma, entitlement, disruptive attachment, and child development (including conscience development), they can better create healing environments for children.

Extensive Mental Health and Behavior Management Experience

We hope to accomplish this mission by providing valuable and timely information, training, consultation, and counseling services to parents, educators, administrators, and mental health providers. We have a unique perspective because we are both educators and mental health professionals and we are still in the trenches!

We are trained academically and clinically and continue to apply and search for practical techniques and strategies that work in the school setting. We know what it is like to work closely with children of all ages, especially when a child is demonstrating challenging or extreme behavior in the classroom or other school settings. Our techniques have been applied to students from toddler age to the end of high school.

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Leena Weaver,


She loves working with children who have severe emotional and behavioral difficulties and seeing their growth.

Traci Glover

Traci Glover,


She loves helping children face their critical issues and seeing them grow and become more confident.

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Behavior Management Services

Managing behavior in the classroom is a challenge. If we add the rigorous demands of the teaching job, the guilt of taking time away from other students, the stress of meeting every government-mandated benchmark, and the complexities of navigating parent involvement, the job of a teacher or administrator is incredibly taxing. It can weigh on our personal relationships, delay and strain self-care and mental health, and impede our ultimate goal, which is to provide the best learning opportunities for our students. It is no surprise that recent studies have shown that people working in education feel overwhelmed.

We aim to empower teachers, administrators, and parents with the information, confidence, and experience to encourage students to grow into happy, healthy, responsible adults through positive behavior management. We hope to improve behavior management through the following services:

Our growing library of online courses breaks student behavior into manageable pieces. This allows a teacher, parents, or administrative team to follow along at a pace that fits their schedule. With a demanding school year and schedule, it’s difficult to budget time for making lesson plans, focus on grading papers, or even sneak away for a lunch break. While we know this isn’t easy, the online learning platform allows teachers to regain control of their professional development progress and build a better classroom environment.



We provide specialized and customized training. Many schools and school districts hire Healing Children to come in and train their entire staff. These trainings can help everyone understand the underlying causes of behavior concerns and get on the same page with consistent accountability. Our techniques can be modified to students ranging from Prek-12th grade and can be applied to classrooms or isolated student cases.

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Our live conferences are engaging, personable, fun, and offer college credit. Participants can collaborate and problem-solve with the presenters and other educators in the field, leading to rich and inspiring discussions. These conferences are for all adults working in the educational setting, parents, and mental health professionals. We teach the “why” of the behavior and how to implement a healing environment that helps children heal, which leads to positive behavioral changes.


Consultation can be helpful when everything the school has tried is not working. It is an excellent way for the school team to problem-solve and find solutions to student behavior. Sometimes implementing Healing Discipline Strategies may require further consultation to ensure the strategies are implemented in a way that promotes positive change. Whatever the specific challenge, stay calm; we’ve got your back. One-on-one consultation can be beneficial because it allows us to discuss the issues deeply and find the right solutions for everyone involved.

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The most successful outcomes occur when parents play an active role. Coaching gives parents the encouragement, support, and knowledge to set the appropriate boundaries with their child, leading to maturity and growth.


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In unique circumstances, Healing Children offers family and child counseling in Idaho and Colorado to help parents manage children with significant behavioral and emotional concerns. We work to understand the child’s mental health and take a deep look at the family system and parenting strategies as a whole. Children’s mental health can often be improved when changes are made in the parenting and family relationship patterns. When working with the child in counseling, we have a direct, light-hearted approach, get to the heart of the issue, and make improvements as quickly as possible.

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In the classroom, we understand that even just a few students misbehaving can create massive cultural problems for a classroom or a school. This can increase stress on teachers, parents, and administrators and decrease focus on students learning. It can affect the retention rates of teachers and present challenges for recruiting new teachers into a district. We are available by phone at 1-888-311-1883 or by email at info@healingchildren.com. We look forward to connecting with you soon, and good luck in the school year.