On-Demand Trainings

We have a variety of on-demand trainings. Professional development and college credit are available!

Customized on-site trainings

We provide specialized and customized training. Many schools and school districts hire Healing Children to come in and train their entire staff. These trainings can help everyone understand the underlying causes of behavior concerns and get on the same page with consistent accountability. Our techniques can be modified to students ranging from Prek-12th grade and can be applied to classrooms or isolated student cases.

One-on-One Behavior Coaching and Consultation for schools

One-on-one consultation can be very helpful because it allows us to discuss the issues deeply and find the right solutions for everyone involved.

Family and Child Counseling in Idaho and Colorado

We work with the child and the whole family system to help with long term healing.

Parent Coaching all States

The most successful outcomes occur when parents play an active role. Coaching gives parents the encouragement, support, and knowledge to set the appropriate boundaries with their child, leading to maturity and growth.

Live, in-person Conferences

Our live conferences are engaging, personable, fun, and offer college credit. Participants can collaborate and problem-solve with the presenters and other educators in the field, leading to rich and inspiring discussions. These conferences are for all adults working in the educational setting, parents, and mental health professionals. We teach the "why" of the behavior and how to implement a healing environment that helps children heal, which leads to positive behavioral changes.

Free Healing Children Resources

We post articles relevant to children’s behavior and mental health. Click Here

Traci and Leena personally review behavior concepts, explain how certain techniques work and why they work, and periodically bring special guests onto the show. You can watch on youtube, or listen on your favorite podcast channel. Click here to access from our website.


Inquire About Healing Children Services Today!

Managing child behavior is challenging. We know from experience that without the proper tools in place a behavior challenge can escalate very quickly regardless of where it takes place.

This is why we strive to give parents, teachers, and administrators the tools to give students a fighting chance at becoming successful in school, at home, and in life. Call us today at 1-888-311-1883 or via email at info@healingchildren.com to learn more about how we may be of assistance.