For Teachers, Administrators, and School Mental Health Professionals

Healing Children, LLC offers private coaching nationwide for teaching and school professionals. Consultation can be helpful when everything the school has tried is not working. It is an excellent way for the school team to problem-solve and find solutions to student behavior. Sometimes implementing Healing Discipline Strategies may require further consultation to ensure the strategies are implemented in a way that promotes positive change. Whatever the specific challenge, stay calm; we’ve got your back. One-on-one consultation can be beneficial because it allows us to discuss the issues deeply and find the right solutions for everyone involved.

How can coaching be used most effectively?

    • In Conjunction with Training
      We often provide in-service training for schools and school districts. These trainings usually range from a few hours to 1-2 days of workshops and discovery. While these trainings can be effective, we have found that lasting change requires a commitment to practicing the new strategies until they are firmly established. This is also helpful for integrating new teachers and staff into your school culture.
    • In Conjunction with Online Courses
      Many participants take our online behavior courses. One of the downsides of our online courses is that they are not live. As a result, we cannot answer questions that come up when you are learning the material. We cannot be there to help you apply the concepts you learn from our classes either. A few coaching sessions can help fill in the gaps wherever they may arise.
    • Comprehensive Private Coaching
      We have some people who would prefer to hire us to coach them from the most basic concepts all the way to the most complex implementation strategies. It is not necessary for everyone, but it does allow us to get to the root of the concern. Contact us if this is an engagement that you are interested in pursuing.
    • Coaching for School Team 

For teams, the dynamics at play are more complex. The plan needs to meet the needs of administrators, teachers, counselors, and parents. There can be disagreements creating division amongst the team, which interferes with supporting the students. We help teams find chemistry, rhythm, and trust between individuals and among the group. We can help support teams in working together and determining steps to meeting behavioral challenges in the school setting.

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