Teacher Professional Development (PD) In-School Training

Healing Children, LLC offers in-school, in-person, live professional development training for teachers, faculty, counselors, school administrators, and entire school districts across the country. These trainings are highly-engaging and provide professional learning for educators on various effective behavior management topics, techniques, and best practices that can be applied immediately to create a Healing Environment for teachers and students.

We offer virtual online learning platform for schools and teachers as well to allow for greater flexibility of schedule.

What Topics do Teachers and Faculty Learn about in our Trainings?

All our in-service trainings are specifically created to focus on the behavior problems facing the team, school, or district that attends the training. We evaluate the training curriculum and content on a case-by-case basis to ensure that the instruction we provide serves the client’s needs.

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We modify the curriculum or change the focus based on the specific need of the school, team, or district that has hired us for in-service training. If you are interested in learning more, contact us via email at info@healingchildren.com or via phone at 1-888-311-1883.

How Behavior Management Training for Teachers and Staff can Impact School Culture

Districts and schools use our resources to help improve the effectiveness of teaching, learning, and instruction strategies in schools to facilitate the growth of their students. Ultimately, we want these students to develop into productive and contributing citizens of the greater community

When each team member is consistent in support, structure and discipline the students begin to understand, internalize, and begins to comply with those standards much more quickly.

Our Process for Developing In-Service Trainings Specific to School Needs

The first step in developing custom training is to have a conversation with the team or representatives responsible for determining professional development needs. During this conversation, we seek to understand the unique challenges facing the school, the students of interest, and the teachers and staff responsible for those children. This conversation provides context and background history to determine issues, problems and needs.

Initial Training and Learning

Once we have this information, we formulate a half day, one, two, or three-day training to meet the most important needs of the team. We travel to the school and spend time with the teachers and staff tackling those issues with a mix of long-term plans and quick-fixes. We use time in these trainings to review specific scenarios and share ideas, and strategies for developing a Healing Environment for all students.

Coaching Support for Implementation Learning Concepts

After we have completed the in-person training, it may be beneficial to supplement or package the training with coaching at various intervals. Coaching offers the team the chance to clarify implementation techniques and practice, allows individuals to take their learning deeper into why the techniques work and use the time to internalize the process for Healing Discipline as they begin to practice the new concepts they have learned. Coupling the training with 2-3 coaching sessions for the entire team or very specific team members allows Healing Discipline’s processes to become ingrained in the school culture, creating a long-lasting impact.

Professional Development Training and Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

Depending on your district or state, our in-person seminars offer continuing education units for recertification for teachers, licensed counselors, and social workers. When requested, we can provide certificates for completed hours so that you can apply those hours or units to your educational or learning requirements for your respective state or district.

What do Our Teacher Professional Development Training Services Cost?

Unfortunately, we do not offer a standard price for in-services. Each school and district has unique needs and challenges. Several factors influence where the price lands, including travel time, number of participants, length of training, etc. The best way to find out about our fees is to contact us for a free consultation. During this consultation we will learn about your needs and provide an effective solution for you.

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Running a classroom or school is a challenge. Especially in today’s fast-paced environment, the demands bestowed on our most important professions in society are growing more than ever. With behavior problems on the rise, it has become paramount that we shift our focus toward the needs of adults and children in the school setting and provide a path that allows the children to capture their greatest potential. To find out what we can do for you, please email us at info@healingchildren.com or call us at 1-888-311-1883.