Teacher Professional Development (PD) In-School Training

Healing Children, LLC offers in-school, in-person, live professional development training for teachers, faculty, counselors, school administrators, and entire school districts across the country. These trainings are highly-engaging and provide professional learning for educators on various effective behavior management topics, techniques, and best practices that can be applied immediately to create a Healing Environment for teachers and students.

While we offer a virtual online learning platform for schools and teachers to allow for greater flexibility of schedule, in-person trainings are more effective for the long-term adoption of training techniques and have a greater impact on the school, team, and department culture.

Behavioral Management Training for Teacher Professional Development

Several different topics qualify for teacher professional development; however, behavior management training is vitally important for anyone pursuing a profession in education. Aside from the core curriculum offered by the school, classroom and behavior management is one of the essential skills that all school faculty members must develop and master to teach successfully in the classroom. This cannot be avoided.

It is simply a fact of working with children. Children have social, emotional, language, communication, and cognitive development stages that affect their ability to learn, engage, and internalize. Not only do they learn and internalize classroom curriculum but also positive social interaction, following instruction and direction, and developing self-awareness and self-control in the classroom. For each child, the journey toward appropriate behavior is different and presents unique challenges.

What Topics do Teachers and Faculty Learn about in our Trainings?

All our in-service trainings are specifically created to focus on the behavior problems facing the team, school, or district that attends the training. We evaluate the training curriculum and content on a case-by-case basis to ensure that the instruction we provide serves the client’s needs.

While we can’t specifically say exactly what each in-service covers, because we will have to evaluate need first, we can speak to behavior topics that typically come up in trainings:

  • Discussion of childhood development milestones and how it impacts child behavior
  • Understanding the Root Causes of Out-of-Control Behavior, including trauma attachment, entitlement and overprotection during the developmental process. 
  • Understanding how to create a Healing Environment for all Children (i.e. setting boundaries/accountability, relationship building, empathy, choices, adult self control, humor, acceptance and empathy)
  • Examination of Teacher-Student relationships and what they bring to the Healing Environment
  • Creating behavior plans and Quick Tips to use immediately in the classroom
  • Communication techniques between teacher and student, also between educational teams
  • Self-Awareness and self care training for adults (Teachers, Counselors, and Administrators)
  • Establishing productive and healthy educational teams that focuses on honest communication, listening and problem solving


We have also compiled  a list of schools/trainings we have conducted in the past.

These are just a few topics we have covered during live in-service trainings at schools. We may modify the curriculum or change the focus based on the specific need of the school, team, or district that has hired us for in-service training. If you are interested in learning more, contact our Behavior Management Specialists. We are available via email at info@healingchildren.com or via phone at 1-888-311-1883.

How Behavior Management Training for Teachers and Staff can Impact School Culture

Districts and schools use resources to help improve the effectiveness of teaching, learning, and instruction strategies in schools to facilitate the growth of their students. Ultimately, we want these students to develop into productive and contributing citizens of the greater community; maybe these students will become leaders someday. To accomplish this, we invest in our people (teachers and staff) by sending them through programs, workshops, and conferences. Through this professional learning, teachers are given opportunities to advance their knowledge in education and leadership.

The long-term impact of investing in our people creates a cohesive school culture, one that is supportive and uplifting. More specifically, behavior management training curates a Healing Environment culture specifically for the students and children. When each team member subscribes to the same philosophy of discipline and the execution of that discipline is the same no matter what classroom that student enters, that student understands, internalizes, and begins to comply with those standards much more quickly.

Professional Development Training Impact on Teachers, Staff and Faculty

For teachers, staff, and faculty, behavior management training gives them confidence when interacting with children who exhibit social/behavioral challenges. Often, this confidence allows teachers to get back to the instruction in the classroom more quickly. They can administer discipline in a way that is less disruptive to classroom lesson flow, be more mindful of the factors at play that are causing instances of misbehavior, and understand their role in helping that child rise to their potential.

As a result, teachers are less stressed. This allows them to be more team-oriented, focus more on lesson plans rather than behavior improvement plans, improve relationships with parents, decrease burnout, and increase retention rates of teachers and staff who are passionate about what they do.

Professional Development Training Impact on Students and Children

Given what we know about the causes of extreme misbehavior and how to correct it, the impact of behavior management training on students is pretty straightforward. When the strategies and techniques are implemented correctly, the stress on students decreases. Children become more focused on instructions, teamwork, and developing peer relationships. Additionally, they gain confidence in their ability to take on new challenges; they embrace more individualism and independence, their self-talk improves, and they feel better about themselves.

Professional Development Training Impact on Administrators and Teams

For School Administrators, seeing behavior improve in schools allows for a smooth-running school. Kids improve learning and growth, which makes parents happy. The relationships between the parents and the school improve. Teachers can focus on deeper learning. Test scores over time could potentially improve. Fewer students will get sent to the principal’s office for behavior issues. Administrators can focus on improving programs at the school and making an impact in the greater community. If you spend most of your time dealing with behavior, preventing burnout, and managing turnover, making a true impact at the school can be difficult.

Our Process for Developing In-Service Trainings Specific to School Needs

The first step in developing custom training is to have a conversation with the team or representatives responsible for determining student disciplinary policy. During this conversation, we seek to understand the unique challenges facing the school, the students of interest, and the teachers and staff responsible for those children. This conversation provides context and background history to determine issues and problems in either policy, strategy, implementation, or lack of knowledge.

Initial Training and Learning

Once we have this information, we formulate a half day, one, two, or three-day training to meet the most important needs of the team. We travel to the school and spend time with the teachers and staff tackling those issues with a mix of long-term plans and quick-fixes. We use time in these trainings to review specific scenarios and share ideas, protocols, and strategies for developing a Healing Environment for all students.

Coaching Support for Implementation Learning Concepts

After we have completed the in-person training, it may be beneficial to supplement or package the training with coaching at various intervals. Coaching offers the team the chance to clarify implementation techniques and practice, allows individuals to take their learning deeper into why the techniques work and use the time to internalize the process for Healing Discipline as they begin to practice the new concepts they have learned. Coupling the training with 2-3 coaching sessions for the entire team or very specific team members allows Healing Discipline’s processes to become ingrained in the school culture, creating a long-lasting impact.

Professional Development Training and Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

Depending on your district or state, our in-person seminars offer continuing education units for recertification for teachers, licensed counselors, and social workers. When requested, we can provide certificates for completed hours so that you can apply those hours or units to your educational or learning requirements for your respective state or district.

What do Our Teacher Professional Development Training Services Cost?

Unfortunately, we do not offer a standard price for in-services. Each school and district has unique needs and challenges. Several factors influence where the price lands, including travel time, number of participants, days, whether teachers and staff members are familiar with the accountability-based discipline, etc. The best way to find out about our fees is to contact one of our behavior specialists for a free consultation. During this consultation we will learn about your needs and provide an effective solution for you.

Contact Our Behavior Management Specialist Regarding Teacher Professional Development Training Service

Running a classroom or school is a challenge. Especially in today’s fast-paced environment, the demands bestowed on our most important professions in society are growing more than ever. With behavior problems on the rise, it has become paramount that we shift our focus toward the needs of adults and children in the school setting and provide a path that allows the children to capture their greatest potential. To find out what we can do for you, please email us at info@healingchildren.com or call us at 1-888-311-1883.