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Traci Glover

Traci Glover, M.Ed., LSW (ID), LPC (ID), LPCC (CO)

Traci has been a Licensed Social Worker (ID) since 1994, a Licensed Professional Counselor (ID) since 2009, and a Licensed Professional Counselor Candidate (CO) since 2021. Traci began work in the mental health profession when she was 22 as a Licensed Social Worker for the Idaho Youth Ranch. She received her Master’s in Education and became a school counselor in 1999 and continues to work as an elementary school counselor 4 days a week.

Since she was fourteen years old, Traci has been interested in the mental health field. Traci spent hours listening to her mom share all she was learning in her continuing education classes about Attachment Disorders. While at the dinner table, she loved hearing her dad talk about how he managed his employees at his construction business. These conversations were critical in her development and love for mental health.

Traci loves helping children face their critical issues and, as a result seeing them grow and become more confident and mature. Due to Traci’s laid-back personality and natural curiosity, children love to talk and share with her. Traci’s gift as a counselor is knowing how to get to the heart of the issue quickly and helping children find understanding, confidence, and healing in their struggles. Traci is an expert at working with school teams, including parents, at gathering all the relevant information needed to solve complex problems. She understands the culture of schools, the needs of parents, and child development in a way that supports implementing effective strategies for long-term healing. Her skills help parents and educators know how to best support their children. Traci loves adding to her foundation of knowledge when it comes to mental health. Her depth of understanding helps her explain this information to others in easy-to-understand terms.

Her training includes over 1200 hours of continuing Education beyond my Master’s degree, including EMDR Therapy (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing), various forms of Trauma Therapy, Attachment Therapy, Restorative Justice, Restorative Circles, Love and Logic Parent Education Facilitator, and a Love and Logic parent Educator and Love and Logic School-Wide Discipline Facilitator. She has read over 35 books and co-authored three books about mental health. She firmly believes children and adults can heal from past hurts and pains.

She received the Friend of the School Psychologist award in 2007 from the Idaho School Psychologist Association and the Elementary School Counselor of the Year award in 2010 from the Boise School District.

Leena Weaver, Ed.S., NCSP

Leena has her Education Specialist Degree and has been working in education as a school psychologist since 1999 and continues to work as a school psychologist 4 days a week. She became a Nationally Certified School Psychologist in 2009. Leena knew she wanted to work in the world of mental health since she was twelve years old. She firmly believes that one’s past does not need to dictate their future. She has a passion for understanding how trauma, entitlement, and life experiences impact the brain and child development. 

Bringing a school team together to develop effective plans for children is something Leena prides herself in. She understands the value of listening to the other team members. She encourages honesty from the educator, parent, administrator, and student to find appropriate solutions for the school setting and healing for the student involved. 

Continuing to expand her knowledge is something that Leena often does. Once she becomes aware of new mental health information, she jumps in with both feet to learn all about it and how to apply it. It helps that she is such a fast reader. Leena loves working with children who have severe emotional and behavioral difficulties and seeing their growth. 

Leena has extensive additional training and professional development, including Trauma, Attachment, Child Development, Brain Research and Neuroscience, Love and Logic Trainings, Love and Logic School-Wide Discipline Facilitator, Restorative Circles, and Restorative Justice. She has read over 60 books and co-authored three books about mental health.

In addition, Leena is also a talented producer and video editor. She has produced and edited all of Healing Children’s online content. Knowing what will engage an audience is a secret talent of hers. 

She received the School Psychologist of the Year Award from the Idaho Association of School Psychologists in 2010 and 2019.

Leena Weaver


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