Yes we do. If you are interested in a training, let us know. If you send an email to and provide dates, length of time and the focus of the training we will put together a proposal for you that includes cost.

Yes they do. When you follow the link to sign up (under upcoming classes), it will take you to a page that provides information about the conference and the cost of the conference.

We do not have a set rate, it depends on the training. We individualize the cost based on the needs and desires of the school or institution hiring us. Email us at with the proposed date(s), length of time and focus and we will email you with a proposal.

Yes it does. When you sign up for a class we provide the links for the Colleges/University to sign up for credit.

Our classes through Northwest Nazarene University are Graduate Level non-degree seeking professional development.  To learn more click here.

Each course is tailored to meet the needs of educators. We attempt to keep the training simple and easy to complete with minimal work on the part of the educator outside of the online or live classes. Most educators can finish the requirements before leaving the live training or spend less than an hour after watching all the online videos. To learn more email us at

Yes, our classes are approved by IdahoSTARS.