It is our mission at Healing Children, LLC to provide a pathway for any child to become emotionally healthy, happy, mature, and develop responsibility. This is achievable for all children, even with emotional, behavioral, or mental health challenges. In support of our mission, we provide conferences that are available to the public. If we can spread the message of Healing Discipline, we can give every child a chance at healthy and healing emotional and behavioral growth.

Healing Discipline Strategies that We Teach

For the teachers, administrators, school mental health professional and school support staff, we teach various topics, mainly based on our own research, the research of other mental health specialists in the field, and our extensive experience. Generally, we teach the context for understanding behavior so that implementing healing discipline strategies has the highest chance of success.

We recommend you take a handful of coaching sessions when beginning to implement these strategies because it can test your patience at first and be incredibly challenging. In the beginning, it may feel like nothing is happening. This is normal. Creating a Healing Environment takes time, commitment, communication, understanding, empathy, courage, vulnerability, and collaboration. It’s near impossible to develop all of these elements at once. Here is a sampling of topics that come up in our public conferences:

Understanding Chronic Misbehavior in Children

  • Learn the common causes of chronic child misbehavior
  • Learn about the different experiences that children endure and their coping mechanisms for dealing with perceived threats
  • Gain appreciation for the context around what the child’s motivation may be for misbehaving

Understanding Stages of Conscience Development in Children

  • Learn the stages of development and internal conscience for each age group
  • Learn what a child’s perception of responsibility is in those stages
  • Learn what maturity looks like for different age groups

Linking Development Stages to Behavioral Capacity in Children

  • Understanding a child’s current maturity level compared to where the child should be
  • Developing a healing environment that is appropriate for the child’s current maturity level
  • Facilitating accelerated maturity in a structured environment for emotional growth


Understanding Emotional and Developmental Challenges Associated with Child Behavior

  • Understanding how a child can become stuck in an emotional development stage
  • Learn Strategies for helping children who are stuck emotionally

The Healing Environment for all Children

  • Learn what all children need for emotional maturity and stability
  • Learn how to create a healing environment
  • Learn the benefits of healing-based behavior techniques
  • Learn how to set boundaries with children
  • Learn how you establish a healthy relationship with children

Mission for all Children

We hope that through offering courses, training, books, and coaching, we can give every child a chance to develop appropriately, at a pace that works for them, with people who care for them and wish the best for them. We hope that the relationships the children build with the adults they interact with daily will give them what they need to become productive members of society and happy with whatever roles they have decided to pursue within that society.

We are constantly learning, studying, and developing strategies not just for handling student behavior but also to enhance the child’s overall development, healing, and growth. This is incredibly challenging, but it’s a long-term investment that we are happy to make in our children. Whether in the classroom or at home, positive prosocial behavior can be achieved with the right structure, planning, and implementation. We are here to support you in that endeavor.

If you are interested in attending a seminar, having us speak at a conference, or partnering with us, contact us at Healing Children, LLC.

You can email us at or call 1-888-311-1883.

We look forward to hearing from you.