We want our merchandise to make a beautiful statement; therefore, we hired Hawk from Sector Seventeen, a popular street artist in Boise, ID, to design our posters and t-shirts. Each design has a crocus–a symbol of hope and joy–something we want for the educators, students, and parents we work with.

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Healing Discipline: Bringing Hope to Shattered Lives

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Educators are seeing a significant increase in out of control behaviors in the school setting. Teachers are no longer able to just teach as they are spending a large amount of time trying to manage students’ behaviors. This is occurring at the same time where there has been an increase in accountability for students’ academic performance. This increase in responsibility has been a drain on teachers.

This book is about hope—hope that we can establish change in situations that appear hopeless. As we begin to understand our own strengths, weaknesses, histories, and the causes of severe behavior we can then learn how to implement strategies to set up a healing environment for these children. The strategies we recommend are ones that the educator can implement, feel good about and have faith in. We want to bring hope to children coming from shattered lives, bring joy back to the educator and in the school settings!

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