We want our merchandise to make a beautiful statement; therefore, we hired Hawk from Sector Seventeen, a popular street artist in Boise, ID, to design our posters and t-shirts. Each design has a crocus–a symbol of hope and joy–something we want for the educators, students, and parents we work with.

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Entitlement Poster

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Hawk from Sector Seventeen used paintbrushes to design our Entitlement poster. The poster is a powerful visualization of the harm that comes to children when adults overprotect, entitle, and overindulge them (Hostile Dependency, Lack of Conscience Development, Poor Frustration Tolerance and Delayed Gratification, Lack of Cause and Effect Thinking, and Poor Self Concept). We have this poster in our offices as a reminder that children not only need our love, acceptance, and support. They need adults who allow them the freedom to make mistakes, experience the consequences of those mistakes, guidance, and discipline—supporting their emotional maturity and future independence. This Poster is 16X10 inches.

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